FastIR Collector

29th November – 10:30 – 12:30 – SEPARATE REGISTRATION NEEDED

The goal of the wokshop is to present and use the open source live forensic collector FastIR on differents cases investigations on Windows: RAT with tricks anti forensics, rootkits, Trojan with dll injections… And we’ll present new features we have developped this year with agent and server.

Workshops open to people attending or not attending Botconf 2016!

Register here !

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Sébastien Larinier

Sébastien Larinier

Security researcher and freelance at Freelance
Sébastien Larinier


OSINT, Python,Malware Analysis, Botnet Tracker, SIEM and IPS/IDS and Threats Expert / co-organizer #BotConf / co-creator of #FastIR / researcher at @epita
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Sébastien Larinier