Automation Attacks at Scale

Automation attacks are currently plaguing organizations in industries ranging from financial to retail, to gaming & entertainment. These attacks exploit stolen credential leaks, black market & custom attack toolkits, and massively scalable infrastructure to launch widely distributed attacks that are extremely difficult to detect, let alone attribute. In this presentation we will inform the audience of the scale of this problem, discuss a detection methodology to counter these attacks, and walk through 3 real-world examples of how attackers created and monetized the distributed infrastructure they require to launch these attacks.

Will Glazier serves as Stealth Security’s Threat Intelligence Analyst & Architect. His primary interests include understanding attacker infrastructure responsible for malicious automation attacks, including account takeover. His current focus is on building out a threat intelligence database with indicators relevant to the problem of malicious automation, by tracking the use of leaked credentials, shared attacker infrastructure, and black market attack toolkits. His previous experience includes a stint at Fireeye. He holds a BA in International Relations & Economics from Tufts University.

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