KNIGHTCRAWLER, « Discovering Watering Holes for Fun and Nothing »

How to find watering holes (aka. Strategic Web Compromise – SWC) from your bedroom? At the intersection between geopolitics and technology, « KNIGHTCRAWLER » is a personal project developed to find some malicious activities on several thousand of strategic websites (Govs, NGOs, companies, newpapers etc.). Dozens of watering holes related to APT and cybercrime stuff has been discovered using this project, including several exploit kits and actors not yet published in open source.

Félix Aimé is an autodidact in the fields of computer security and geopolitics. He joined in 2013 the French National Cybersecurity Agency to develop the Threat Intelligence investigations and related capabilities. In mid 2017, he switched to the private sector and integrated the GReAT team of Kaspersky Lab to work as a Threat Intelligence researcher, mainly focused on APT (Advanced Persistent Threats) and other things.

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Félix Aimé

Félix Aimé

GReAT at Kaspersky
Félix Aimé


Security Researcher, Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT) @Kaspersky. Love technical stuff and geopolitics. Don't forget that my tweets are my own.
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