Malpedia: A Collaborative Effort to Inventorize the Malware Landscape

In this paper, we introduce Malpedia, our take on a collaborative platform for the curation  of a coherent corpus of cleanly labeled, unpacked malware samples. Illustrating one of the use cases for this data set, we provide a comparative overview of structural characteristics for more than 300 families of Windows malware.

Daniel Plohmann works as a senior analyst for Fraunhofer FKIE, taking apart malware families and botnet instances. His PhD research at University of Bonn focuses on automation and improving the efficiency of reverse engineering as an instrument for in-depth analysis. As a Teaching Assistant and Thesis Advisor for computer security related topics, he gives regular presentations and workshops on malware analysis and botnet infiltration. He also loves to put his experience to good use by supporting law enforcement as a subject matter expert.

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Daniel Plohmann
Daniel Plohmann


Reverse Engineering & Malware Analysis. Blog: @ByteAtlas || Projects: #IDAscope | #DGArchive | @malpedia
I can't tell how happy I am that 1.5+ years of work in collection and inventorization now finally start to pay off. - 5 days ago
Daniel Plohmann