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Announcement of Botconf 2015

The 3rd edition of Botconf, the only international conference totally dedicated to thefight against botnets, will be held from 2 to 4 December 2015 at the Google premises in Paris, France.

After the success of the two first editions of Botconf, this third opus will last three days, once again, with the aim to bring together 250 experts from the five continents, coming from both private and public sector research, international experts, law enforcement and magistrates.

Once more, Botconf will be the privileged place to share about worldwide botnet‐‐related threats. Hence, the conference language is English.

The format of the presentations will range from short talks of twenty minutes to one hour. Besides, as an innovation this year, the Digital Citizen Security Unit of the Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen (IPSC) at the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission ( proposes to build a comprehensive collection of mobile botnet malware samples, namely a Mobile Botnet Malware Collection (

The schedule is available at‐2015/detailed-schedule/

Botnets (for roBOT NETworks) are one of the most prominent manifestations of cybercrime on the Internet. They are constructed by networking computers or other digital systems, infected by a computer virus or worm, which connect to a command and control mechanism (such as a web server or a peer to peer set up) and then allow the criminals to send order to all machines at once. They are used to steal personal or confidential data, conduct spam or phishing campaigns as well as denial of service attacks.

This conference is possible thanks to the support of the following partners: Google, La Poste, Orange Cyberdefense, Trend Micro, CERT Société Générale, Airbus DS CyberSecurity, Blueliv, Facebook, G DATA Software AG, Excellium, Splunk, ESET, ArxSys et SEKOIA.

Botconf 2015 is a conference organised with the support of CECyF – The French Cybercrime Centre of Excellence – of which the Botconf team is a proud founding member, Europol EC3 (European Cybercrime Centre and the Joint Research Centre (JRC of the European Commission.

This 2015 edition wouldn’t be possible without the hosting and close cooperation with Google.

Botconf’15, 2‐4 December 2015 – Google, Paris (75, France) ‐ @Botconf

About the organisers: Botconf 2015 is organised by a dedicated team of volunteers, united since November 2012 under the banner of a not for profit organisation “the International Botnet fighting alliance”, whose seat is in BOUGUENAIS, France (SIREN corporate registration: 789 576 014).

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