Botconf 2014 Documents and videos

Prez Paper Video

Wednesday December 3 2014

1.1 – Welcome address
Eric Freyssinet
1.2Keynote – United Kingdom’s National crime agency on botnet takedowns
Stewart Garrick, Benedict Addis
1.3Semantic Exploration of Binaries
Laura Guevara, Daniel Plohmann
1.4 – Havex RAT, the Full Story
Giovanni Rattaro, Paul Rascagnères, Renaud Leroy
1.5The Many Faces of Mevade
Martijn Grooten, João Gouveia
1.6Splicing and Dicing 2014: Examining this Year’s Botnet Attack Trends
Nick Sullivan
1.7 – Virus Tracker
Peter Kleissner
1.8How to Dismantle a Botnet: the Legal Behind the Scenes
Karine e Silva
1.9 – Round table debate
Karine e Silva, Renaud Leroy
Lightning talks (3′ slots…)
Joan Calvet
Thomas Chopitea
Holly Stewart
Daniel Plohmann
Martijn Grooten – Qakbot
Vincent Hinderer
Nicholas Summerlin
Geoffroy Couprie

Thursday December 4 2014

2.1Workshop – Feedback on Windbg Usage
Paul Rascagnères
2.2 – A Timeline of Mobile Botnets
Ruchna Nigam
2.3Ad Fraud Botnets 101
Oleksandr Tsvyashchenko, Sebastian Millius and Douglas de Jager
2.4 – CONDENSER: A Graph-Based Approach for Detecting Botnets
Pedro Camelo, João Moura and Ludwig Krippahl
2.5 – APT Investigation Backstage
Ivan Fontarensky, Fabien Périgaud, Ronan Mouchoux, Cédric Pernet and David Bizeul
2.6Middle Income Malware Actors in Poland: VBKlip and Beyond
Łukasz Siewierski
2.7Bypassing Sandboxes for Fun
Paul Jung
2.8 – Learning Attribution Techniques by Researching a Bitcoin Stealing Cyber Criminal
Mark Arena
2.9The Russian DDoS One: Booters to Botnets
Dennis Schwarz
2.10Chinese Chicken: Multiplatform DDoS Botnets
Peter Kálnai and Jaromír Hořejší
2.11Ponmocup Hunter 2.0 — The Sequel
Tom Ueltschi
Lightning talks (3′ slots…)
Łukasz Siewierski – Somehow Unusual Android Malware Sample
Peter Wälti
Stewart Garrick
Nick Sullivan
Maxime MorinRadare2
Pierre-Edouard Fabre

Friday December 5 2014

3.1A New Look at Fast Flux Proxy Networks
Hendrik Adrian and Dhia Mahjoub
3.2Botnets of *NIX Web Servers
Evgeny Sidorov, Konstantin OtrashkevichAndrey Kovalev and Asya Posadskaya
3.3 – DNS Analytics, Case Study
Osama Kamal
3.4Keynote – A tour in the Analysis of X86
Jean-Yves Marion
3.5Finding Holes in Banking 2FA: Operation Emmental
David Sancho
Blog about this paper and white paper
3.6ZeuS Meets VM – Story so Far
Maciej Kotowicz
3.7 – Farewell
Eric Freyssinet
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