The Botconf 2017 preliminary programme will contain the following presentations (speakers underlined), more talks will be added once they are confirmed:

  • Long presentations
    • Malpedia: A Collaborative Effort to Inventorize the Malware Landscape, Daniel Plohmann, Martin Clauß, Steffen Enders and Elmar Padilla
    • RetDec: An Open-Source Machine-Code DecompilerPeter Matula, Jakub Křoustek, and Petr Zemek
    • Stantinko: A massive adware campaign operating covertly since 2012Frédéric Vachon and Matthieu Faou
    • Nyetya Malware & MeDoc Connection, Paul Rascagnères and David Maynor
  • Short presentations
    • Get Rich or Die TryingMark Lechtik and Or Eshed
    • Exploring a P2P Transient Botnet – From Discovery to EnumerationRenato Marinho and Raimir Holanda
    • PWS, Common, Ugly but Effective, Paul Jung
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