Automation, structured knowledge in Tactical Threat Intelligence

Botconf 2018
2023-04-25 | 17:50 – 18:30

Ronan Mouchoux 🗣 | Ivan Kwiatkowski 🗣

The connected societies facing ever evolving risks, traditional cyber security solutions have been charged by the popular jury for incompetence. Yet they are working for what they have been designed for, the rise of targeted attacks as well as the maturation of advanced cybercrime force defenders to find new ways of fighting the ghosts in the machines. Cyber Threat Intelligence has emerged for about a decade now, bringing new mind-set, tools and methods to the overall InfoSec community. After reminded what composed this activity, this conceptual presentation will focus on Tactical Threat Intelligence. By diagnosing that adversaries’ behaviour analysis has been mainly hijack to provide technical indicators and strategic feedback, we will review today’s methods and tools used
for cyber threat profiling and express the limitation or problematics they brought to Intelligence Tradecraft specialist. Moves by the impression that today’s Tactical Threat Intelligence is rarely as a say derived into action, we will finally explore new leads that could bring the discipline more operational concretisation and will help tactical analyst is the difficult path to automate tasks in a very psychological influenced domain.

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