How to track an Android botnet by OSINT and APK analysis tools

Botconf 2019
2023-04-24 | 13:00 – 18:30

Suguru Ishimaru 🗣 | Manabu Niseki 🗣 | Hiroaki Ogawa 🗣

Analyzing malware is an important part of preventing and detecting cyber threats. But it’s not enough. You should learn how malware is spread for understanding the overall threat landscape. So we’d like to propose a unique training which combines malware analysis and C2 / landing page detection by holding Roaming Mantis as an example.

Roaming Mantis is a campaign which uses DNS hijacking to distribute cyber threats such as web-mining, phishing and malicious Android applications. This criminals activities were discovered by Mcafee. After then, the campaign is named by Kaspersky in April 2018 and it’s still very active and rapidly evolving.

We’d like to propose a hands-on for research that takes the campaign as an example. More than 80% of our training is hands-on. Because, we believe analysts / researchers have doing own way everyday. So, we just want to share and introduce our way, method, tools and viewpoints with attendees through this course.

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