Remote Threat Reconnaissance

Botconf 2022
2023-04-23 | 12:00 – 18:30

Nicolas Collery 🗣 | Vitaly Kamluk 🗣

This workshop aims to share knowledge of live triage and analysis of remote compromised systems to assist incident response, digital forensics, or malware discovery and in-place analysis. There are many other applications of the techniques and tools that the participants are encouraged to explore on their own.
Although the knowledge shared during the workshop can be applied independently of the tools proposed, it starts with the attendees building their own toolkit for remote threat reconnaissance. It features bitscout, a project based on a collection of free open-source software for linux, that is extendable with any set of tools the analyst wants to embed before or in the middle of the operation.incident response to live cyberattacks requires silent navigation through compromised assets, sometimes in large distributed networks. The popular approach relies on edr or other live agent-based solutions. However, the activation of security agents and obvious activities on live compromised systems may trigger alerts of advanced threat actors. Once alerted, a clean-up operation and destruction of evidence can happen. Moreover, offline system analysis may not be easy due to the physical distance to the compromised system or scale of the network. This is where remote stealthy threat discovery with “scoutware”, software for threat hunting and instant system analysis, becomes incredibly useful. Bitscout, used for the workshop is just one such addition to working with local virtual machines during the workshop, the attendees will be provided with access to 60+ live servers to be analysed simultaneously to simulate large-scale compromise – online access will therefore be required.

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