The dirty half-dozen of the Brazilian threat landscape

Botconf 2015
2023-04-28 | 16:40 – 17:00

Tal Darsan 🗣

Brazilian Cybercrime? Easy Does It!
Brazil is a unique cybercrime landscape that has evolved on its own to surpass even the Russian-speaking underground in terms of how large and diverse it is. Brazilian cybercrime has considerably expanded in 2014, and now includes new malware and schemes engineered by local cybercriminals to steal online banking and bank customer data in order to commit fraud.
Although Brazilian malware expertise is not considered to come remotely close to the technical sophistication displayed by its Eastern European counterparts, it does adhere to a universal rule all cybercriminals revere: take the path of least resistance. Malware written and used in Brazil is almost ridiculously simple, but unfortunately, many times it is this very simplicity that does the trick.

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