Vawtrak Banking Trojan : A Threat to the Banking Ecosystem

Botconf 2016
2023-04-28 | 16:00 – 16:50

Victor Acin 🗣 | Raashid Bhat 🗣

Vawtrak has been among the top banking Trojans since quite a long time now. Banking Trojans have not been discussed much in security conferences contrary to APT’s and other type of malwares. This research is based on in-depth analysis of Vawtrak and analytical results from tracking infrastructure also changes in the botnet over a period of time. Vawtrak has been observed to target some major banks. We will also analyse the modular plugins that are used by Vawtrak. Apart from the technical perspective we will also explore the analytical examination of data observed during our course of monitoring Vawtrak e.g targets, web injects and other malware families downloaded by Vawtrak.

This talk is segregated into the following sections

1 : Learn in-depth technical details of a banking trojan and the ecosystem of a banking trojan
2 : How attackers are spreading and collecting information from victims
3 : Technical details about how to monitor a banking botnet

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