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A Silver Path: Ideas for Improving Lawful Sharing of Botnet Evidence with Law Enforcement

Business, organizations, and individuals can largely contribute to a better collective response to botnets. Apart from the power of thwarting attacks as they occur, multistakeholders play a meaningful role in handing over evidence to law enforcement about botnet crimes. Yet, criminal procedure law places significant a threshold on how evidence

Automation Attacks at Scale

Automation attacks are currently plaguing organizations in industries ranging from financial to retail, to gaming & entertainment. These attacks exploit stolen credential leaks, black market & custom attack toolkits, and massively scalable infrastructure to launch widely distributed attacks that are extremely difficult to detect, let alone attribute. In this presentation

Behavior-driven development in malware analysis

A daily task of malware analysts is the extraction of behaviors from malicious binaries. Such behaviors include domain generation algorithms, cryptographic algorithms or deinstallation routines. Ideally, this tedious task would be automated. So far scientific solutions have not gotten beyond proof-ofconcepts. Malware analysts continue to reimplement behaviors of interest manually.

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