Social Media Policy during Botconf

We thank Botconf participants for following these guidelines:


  • Of course, please follow @Botconf for updates
  • Use the hashtag #Botconf
  • Blog or tweet about the conference, but don’t share confidential information
  • Be respectful to the participants, organisers and speakers in tone and content – remember, your posts are public and live forever
  • Please mute your cellphones and don’t take phone calls inside the conference room


  • Do not record, take videos of the presentations – only official recordings are allowed, and the press when specifically authorised
  • When directed, please don’t take photographs of the presenters or the presentations (specific directions will be given for each presentation)
  • Don’t publish any information that the presenter describes as confidential
  • Make disrespectful or rude comments about presenters or the participants, especially online
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