• We are back in Nantes for Botconf 2021-2022 !

    The Botconf 2021 edition will be held in Nantes, the same city where the first edition was organised. Located on the French west coast, capital city of the region of Pays de la Loire, Nantes is located at two hours by train from Paris, Its international airport is easily accessible from all over Europe or after a short stop in Paris from all over the world. The actual dates have been postponed to April 26-29 2022, because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Important dates

    The conference will be held during the last week of April 2022, from Tuesday 26th April to Friday 29th April 2022. The first day will be in the format of an afternoon of workshops, and the rest of the week our typical conference. To keep you up to date on latest trends and prepare ahead of the conference, we will organise an online webinar with a selection of talks on Friday December 3rd 2021. More details to come in the call for papers.

They support us

The Gendarmerie nationale has been established as a military-staffed law enforcement agency in France, with more than 800 years of history. Its 100.000 men and women are responsible for the execution of judiciary missions, the provision of emergency and relief services, the protection of public order and they participate in the Nation’s defence effort. Cybercrime is one of the Gendarmerie’s highest priorities with more than 3500 CyberGend trained personnel and its flagship cybercrime unit, the C3N.
CECyF CECyF is the French Cybercrime Centre of Excellence, part of the 2CENTRE network. The organising committee of Botconf is a founding member of CECyF and our conference is organised with the support of CECyF, with the common objective to develop exchanges and better research and training against cybercrime.
JRC IPSC is actively conducting research and development efforts on mobile botnets detection and take down with the goal of protecting citizens from this novel security threat and contributing to the EU research community with active support such as a mobile botnet malware collection.


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If you want to support Botconf 2021 and follow the path of our great past sponsors (Botconf 2019 sponsors), contact us at sponsors(at)botconf.eu.

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