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Jakub Křoustek

Last known affiliation: Gen™
Bio: Malware research director at Gen, focusing on monitoring the threat landscape and building company’s threat intelligence. He has been leading malware fighters at Gen / Avast / AVG since 2011 and has more than twenty years of experience in reverse engineering. He’s focused on hunting new malware threats, their dissection, everything related to YARA, providing free ransomware decryption tools, and more. Jakub also likes to share his findings via any available channel, such as blogs, conference talks (VB, Botconf, CARO, etc.), and media. Jakub holds a PhD in computer science.
Date: 2017-12-06
RetDec: An Open-Source Machine-Code Decompiler
Jakub Křoustek 🗣 | Peter Matula 🗣 | Petr Zemek

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Machine-code decompilation transforms an executable file into a high-level language. It has found its applications mostly in the field of reverse engineering, where analysts use decompilers to inspect suspicious binaries.

This paper introduces RetDec, a recently open-sourced retargetable decompiler for platform-independent analysis of binary files. More specifically, we give an overview of the RetDec project’s history, its current state, comparison with other decompilers,
and an example of a successful application.

External link: Project website
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