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Dave Levin

Last known affiliation: University of Maryland, College Park
Bio: Originally, the Internet was a collaborative effort among researchers, but has since evolved into a marketplace comprising millions of commercial entities and billions of users who often have conflicting goals. My work builds off of the belief that we can secure the Internet by understanding and accounting for these competing interests. I empirically measure security on the Internet to understand how security breaks down, and I apply economics and cryptography to design and build new systems with provable and usable security. I study the web’s PKI, censorship avoidance, DNS root servers, and more. I have been fortunate to work with many wonderful collaborators.
Date: 2022-04-27
Insights and Experiences from Monitoring Multiple P2P Botnets
Leon Böck 🗣 | Shankar Karuppayah 🗣 | Dave Levin | Max Mühlhäuser

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To this date P2P overlays remain a popular choice for botnet command and control. With the rise of recent IoT botnets, we aimed to monitor multiple IoT P2P botnets at the same time, to compare them against each other and traditional Windows based P2P botnets. During this process we came across several challenges and insights in scaling and maintaining multiple monitoring operations simultaneously. In this talk we want to share our insights and introduce the Botnet Monitoring System, a tool to reduce redundancy and enable collaboration for P2P botnet monitoring.

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