Roaming Mantis: A Melting Pot of Android Bots

Botconf 2019
2023-04-24 | 10:15 – 10:45

Suguru Ishimaru 🗣 | Manabu Niseki 🗣 | Hiroaki Ogawa 🗣

In March 2018, thousands of home routers were potentially compromised by a criminal campaign called “Roaming Mantis” in Japan to overwrite DNS settings to use a rogue DNS. This criminal has strong financial motivation. Devices under the compromised router, such as Android, iOS, PC were targeted. They have been rapidly improving their malicious contents for each platform. In addition, the attacker implemented their malicious contents which support 27 languages for targeting around the world. Based on our research, we would like to disclose the details of this campaign such as the mind of the criminals, the details of malicious contents and how they compromised routers to share with researchers and CERTs…

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