The power of a team work – Management of Dissecting a Fast Flux Botnet, OP-Kelihos “Unleashed”

Botconf 2013
2023-04-29 | 18:10 – 18:30

Hendrik Adrian 🗣 | Dhia Mahjoub 🗣

“Facing a come-back Fast Flux (HLUX) botnet like Kelihos (Khelios) which was previously announced to be shutdown by big entities is not an easy task that can be done by a small group of people. A better understanding of the technicality “under the hood” of the threat itself was providing a better method in suppressing, evidence collecting, spear target intelligence and law enforcement coordination strategy within region and countries to control the growth, and in the end the shutdown effort. This is the story of a persistent and a outsmart effort of engineers gathered in MalwareMustDie with partners in fighting the well known botnet.

To make the strategy works as per expected the solid team needed with the vertical and horizontal team management and communication effort, and InfoSec has all of the resources need to make it happen, we share in BotConf the know-how and motivation on how good people/engineers can focus and gather to form big achievement, and management of battling a botnet is can be done in very cost-effective.

The talk will be closed with the offline full-disclosure of important achievements collected during the operation and there will be a hall of fame for the contributors involved.
We will try to cover all aspect within 20 minutes of Short Talk with handing out print-outs of the shared basic details before the talks.”

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