Final Programme


# Title Names Files Paper Video
K01 Successful Botnet Takedowns: The-good-cooperation part Margarita Louca presentation
K02 Mobile botnet malware collection Apostolos Malatras, Laurent Beslay
K03 Inside traffic exchange networks Jean-Michel Picod, Elie Bursztein


# Title Names Files Paper Video
P01 Ponmocup, the full story: A giant hiding in the shadows Maarten van Dantzig, Yonathan Klijnsma presentation
P02 Butterfly attackers Gavin O’Gorman
P03 The missing piece in threat intelligence Frank Denis presentation presentation videoicon
P04 Honey ?! Where is my PoS ? Marc Doudiet presentation
P05 Takedowns: case studies and what we all could be doing better John Bambenek presentation videoicon
P06 DGArchive – A deep dive into domain generating malware Daniel Plohmann presentation videoicon
P07 Travelling to the far side of Andromeda Jose Miguel Esparza presentation
P08 Whose phone is in your pocket? Mikhail Kuzin, Nikita Buchka presentation
P09 Building a hybrid experimental platform for mobile botnet research Apostolos Malatras, Laurent Beslay presentation presentation videoicon
P10 BoxBotNet Paul Jung presentation videoicon
P11 Malware Instrumentation: Application to Regin Analysis Matthieu Kaczmarek presentation presentation videoicon
P12 Practical Experiences of Building an IPFIX Based Open Source Botnet Detector Mark Graham, Adrian Winckles, Erika Sanchez presentation presentation videoicon
P13 Automatically classifying unknown bots by the register messages Ya Liu, Bing Song presentation videoicon
P14 The story of Cryptowall: a historical analysis of a large scale cryptographic ransomware threat Yonathan Klijnsma presentation videoicon
P15 Powered by JavaScript Renaud Bidou presentation videoicon
P16 Inside DarkComet: a wild case-study Jeremy du Bruyn
P17 Air-gap limitations and bypass techniques: “command and control” using Smart Electromagnetic Interferences Chaouki Kasmi, José Lopes Esteves, Philippe Valembois presentation presentation videoicon
P18 Sality Peter Kleissner presentation videoicon
P19 A moose once bit my honeypot – A story of an embedded Linux botnet Olivier Bilodeau presentation
P20 Behavior-driven development in malware analysis Thomas Barabosch presentation presentation videoicon

Short talks

# Title Names Files Paper Video
S01 DGA clustering and analysis: mastering modern, evolving threats Aliaksandr Chailytko, Aliaksandr Trafimchuk, Ron Davidson presentation presentation videoicon
S02 Sandbox detection for the masses: leak, abuse, test Zoltan Balazs presentation presentation videoicon
S03 (Mostly) Polish threat landscape: not only VBKlip Łukasz Siewierski videoicon
S04 Make It count: An analysis of a brute-forcing botnet Veronica Valeros presentation presentation videoicon
S05 Building a better botnet DGA mousetrap: separating mice, rats and cheese in DNS data Josiah Hagen, Miranda Mowbray, Prasad Rao presentation
S06 The dirty half-dozen of the Brazilian threat landscape Tal Darsan

Lightning talks

# Title Names Files Paper Video
LT01 Browser and Environment Hardening Kurtis Armour presentation
LT02 Stegoloader Chris Dietrich, Pierre-Marc Bureau presentation
LT03 Creating your own CTI Tom Ueltschi
LT04 Storm in the DNS Stéphane Bortzmeyer
LT05 The state of spam in 2015 Martijn Grooten presentation
LT06 Python log parser – Flask Log Map Hugo Rifflet presentation
LT07 Dynamic symbolic execution for malware reverse-engineering Robin David presentation
LT08 – Open threat intelligence for fighting botnets Roy Firestein presentation
LT09 Automatic MIME attachments triage Xavier Mertens presentation
LT10 Wrestling elephants: Tackling malware research issues (The Name Game) Wayne Crowder presentation
LT11 Nolimitsecu Podcast Johanne Ulloa presentation
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