Botconf 2018 Talks

Provisional list of talks [19/09/2018, more to be added after individual validation !]:


  • Colonel Jean-Dominique NOLLET, Head of the C3N – Gendarmerie’s national cybercrime fighting unit, France

Full paper(s)

  • “Swimming in the Cryptonote Pools”, Emilien LE JAMTEL (CERT-EU)
  • “Code Cartographer’s Diary”, Daniel PLOHMANN, Steffen ENDERS and Elmar PADILLA (Germany)
  • “Mirai: Beyond the Aftermath”, Rommel JOVEN, David MACIEJAK and Jasper MANUEL (Singapore)
  • “In-depth Formbook Malware Analysis”, Rémi JULLIAN (France)


  • “Hunting for Silence”, Rustam MIRKASYMOV (Russia)
  • “Internals of a Spam Distribution Botnet, Jose Miguel ESPARZA (Spain)
  • “The Dark Side of the ForSSHe”, Romain DUMONT and Hugo PORCHER (Canada)

Short presentation(s)

  • “Trickbot, The Trick is On You!”, Floser BACURIO Jr. and Joie SALVIO (Singapore)
  • “Hunting and Detecting APTs using Sysmon and PowerShell Logging”, Tom UELTSCHI (Switzerland)


  • “ExtREme Malware Analysis”, Maciej KOTOWICZ (Poland)
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